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  • Best Practices to Lower Copyright Risks

    How can you lower copyright risks? Lowering copyright infringement risks is a goal of every library, organization and business. This article provides tips for identifying your copyright risks when using third-party content, and keeping those risks to a minimum. Copyright Risk Management Checklist Wh … Read more »

  • Copyright Permissions Sample Letter

    You may know it’s important to seek permission before using third-party copyright-protected content. But you may not know how to go about doing that. Below we provide a sample copyright permissions letter to guide you as an example of such a letter. You can review and modify it to meet your needs wh … Read more »

  • Licensing Policy Sample: Should Your Library Have a Written Licensing Policy?

    A licensing policy is a helpful document for a library or organization that licenses electronic resources or e-resources. This article is written by Lesley Ellen Harris, author of Licensing Digital Content Book, 3rd ed. Copyright policies and IP or intellectual property policies are more common than … Read more »

  • Sharing and Republishing Online Content: 6 Tips for Copyright Compliance

    Sharing and republishing online content is something we all do, but how many of us think about copyright law, permissions and licensing before sharing and republishing content? If it’s your own content, then you can tweet and post on Snapchat or Facebook without worrying about copyright law. If it’s … Read more »

  • A Simple Guide to Copyright for Librarians: 15 Essential Facts & Tips

    Who answers copyright and licensing questions in your library? Who addresses compliance issues in your organization? Are they best equipped for this role? Copyright can be complicated, so we’ve created this simple guide to copyright for librarians to get you started. You may also want to view copyri … Read more »