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  • The Copyright Implications of Teaching with Videos is excited to share Sara Benson’s article on the copyright implications of teaching with videos, both face-to-face and online. Educators and librarians in the U.S. who deal with copyright issues related to teaching with videos will benefit from the information she shares. Ms. Benso … Read more »

  • 7 Fall Copyright Courses to Kick-Start Your Copyright Education

    Stand out as that copyright knowledgeable person! Get started now with one of our confidence-building fall copyright courses. Choose from One of 7 Fall Copyright Courses: Defining Your Role as the Go-To Copyright Person —  Begins 16 September 2019. Register Now!  (If you live in Canada, please regis … Read more »

  • A Simple Guide to Licensing Electronic Resources: How To Address Your Licensing Issues With Confidence

    Licensing electronic resources requires many skills. Are you equipped to handle the acquisition of electronic resources and the related digital content licensing issues in your library or organization? Issues include: Understanding licensing language Negotiating licensing agreements Legally using li … Read more »

  • Legally Using Images in Libraries

    There are two perspectives to legally using images in libraries: Use of images by library staff and patrons Understanding how copyright pertains to images, educating staff and patrons about this, and creating a copyright culture in your library Are You Legally Using Images in Your Library? The follo … Read more »

  • Developing A Copyright Policy or Guidelines Online Course

    Developing a Copyright Policy or Guidelines is a unique hands-on eight-lesson eTutorial where you complete a draft Copyright Policy or Guidelines. This is the course for you if: You’ve been meaning to write a copyright policy or guidelines but never seem to have the time You’re unsure how to start y … Read more »