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  • Buying or Selling Residential Real Estate

      Buying or Selling Residential Real Estate is an exciting time for you and your family.  We are a a proud local law firm that can assist you and your family with your most valued asset. “Trusted Real Estate Legal Advice For Individuals and Families Buying or Selling Real Estate.” Our goal is to hel … Read more »

  • Will Disputes

      Will disputes are becoming more and more common and the Courts are becoming less reluctant to weigh in on drafting issues.  For example, in Alberta, the Court of Appeal has just reminded us how important it is to use clear and unambiguous wording in a Will.  In this case, the definition of “home” … Read more »

  • The Millionaire’s Lawyer

    We’re happy to announce that The Millionaire’s Lawyer: From Startup to Payout Podcast has officially launched! Conductlaw is pleased to be a sponsor of the podcast and to serve the legal needs of its listeners.  We understand that The Millionaire’s Lawyer will be made available on all the platforms … Read more »

  • Limited Partnerships

    When it comes to Limited Partnerships (“LP”), there are two mandatory classes of partners involved: limited and general partners. The liability of limited partners in LP’s does not go beyond their investment. Whereas general partners essentially run the business and are held accountable for the acti … Read more »

  • Giving Up Your Green Card

    Giving up your green card is often a decision made with mixed emotions. As a green card holder in the United States of America, you are legally required to file tax returns annually and pay taxes. For this reason, green card holders outside of the United States will typically abandon their lawful pe … Read more »