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  • The Costs of Failing To MediateSeptember 20, 2018

    Mediation is by definition a voluntary process.There are instances however where mediation is either mandatory, or virtually mandatory, based on where the proceeding was commenced or by the type of cause of action.Mandatory mediation is limited to actions in Essex County (Windsor), and the cities of … Read more »

  • Intestacy – Dying Without a WillSeptember 20, 2018

    What happens to your property if you die without having made a will in Ontario. The answer lies in Part II of the Succession Law Reform Act (SLRA).It is important to know who will benefit in these circumstances.Spouse:The most obvious is your life partner, most often known as your spouse. The SLRA b … Read more »

  • Battles Over WillsSeptember 13, 2018

    The general premise is that all of us are free to deal with our property as we see fit during our lifetime. The same rule holds true for how we wish to dispose of our assets after death in our wills. This is of course subject to the provisions of the Succession Law reform Actwhich provides protectio … Read more »

  • Eviction Protocols Must Be Strictly FollowedSeptember 5, 2018

    A landlord may apply to the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB) for an eviction order where it can be proved that the tenant had substantially interfered with the enjoyment of the premises by the landlord or other tenants. This is known as a N5 application. In a recent appeal to the Divisional Court it wa … Read more »

  • Making Your Own WillAugust 30, 2018

    Why A Will?Everyone should have a will! The sooner it’s done the better. Why? So your assets go to the people and places of your own choosing. It’s the last gift you make-your final material presence. Sounds dramatic, but is a very important expression of final intent – your last will and testament. … Read more »