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  • Father Living in Toronto Wants to Take a Child Away From the Mother

    Are you a father living in Toronto? Are you thinking that you can take a child away from the mother? Does one parent have exclusive or shared custody of a child? Issues often occur when the parent chooses to move and bring the child with him or her. The other parent would typically not want a parent … Read more »

  • Darrell Waisberg- Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto

    Experienced Family Lawyer In Toronto Are you looking for an experienced family lawyer in Toronto? Darrell Waisberg offers Chinese service and represents Chinese individuals that are high net worth and have a lot of property. We have other family lawyers that can represent Chinese clients of average … Read more »

  • Vaughan Law Firm

    Our Vaughan law firm has extended its list of legal services. In addition to family law and business law, personal injury, litigation (not family) and employment law. It will be general litigation(small claims, real estate law, estate law, etc). We also do landlord and tenant now too at the Vaughan … Read more »

  • What Is A Judicial Case Conference? | Family Lawyers

    What is a judicial case conference in BC? It is required in all litigation when it comes to family law. It is normally about 60 minutes long, and it takes place with a family law judge. The goal of the judicial case conference (JCC) is to resolve all the issues before going to a family law court. Go … Read more »

  • Common Law Legal Opinion Letter | Family Lawyers

    Opinion Letter From A Lawyer Are you looking for a common law legal opinion letter? People call and message our law firm in BC and Ontario all the time asking if they are common law. Obviously, law firms are businesses with costs and are not a free legal help hotline. Further, common law is complex … Read more »