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  • The Parliament of Malaysia during Proclamation of Emergency

      Are you curious about the Parliament of Malaysia? This is part of our law school series. This article was written by Beston Tan Yon Chin, a student studying Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in Multimedia University (MMU), Malaysia.   This article of mine is to discuss the issues arising out of recent Procla … Read more »

  • RRSP and Divorce 101

      Are you looking for information for RRSP and Divorce?   A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a retirement investing vehicle for working Canadians, both employees and self-employed. This is a tax-advantaged account, giving tax breaks to investors to encourage them to put away money for th … Read more »

  • Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye TMZ

      Are you looking for the Kim Kardashian divorce Kanye TMZ? We have a lot of experience with divorces, so let’s explain it from a family law point of view.   2020 was a tough year on many marriages. Couples who normally spent a considerable time away from each other, on business trips and at the off … Read more »

  • Contempt of court in Ghana constitution

      Are you curious about contempt of court in Ghana constitution? This article is part of our “law journal” series. You can see other articles written by law students. Goodnuff Appiah Larbi is a Law (LLB) Student and Legal Researcher, at the time of writing this article was awarded the Student Author … Read more »

  • Open Source Software Legal Risks

      Are you a company worrying about open source software legal risks? Perhaps you are the one providing the software, or maybe you want to use it.   It is best to speak to a lawyer about how to avoid legal action from the developer before you start using intellectual property. We have lawyers in Toro … Read more »