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  • Income Splitting using a Spousal Loan

    Are you looking into income splitting using a spousal loan? Canada has a graduated tax rate system which means individuals pay progressively higher taxes as their incomes increase. If one spouse is in a higher income tax bracket than the other, then it may make sense for the higher income earner to … Read more »

  • Homicide In The UK

    Homicide in the UK is often covered in a criminal law class at law school. Make sure you see our actus reus and mens reus articles.   This article is written like a crim law outline. It’s taken in note form. It can also be helpful for non-law school students who just want to learn about the law.   H … Read more »

  • How Long Does a Car Settlement Take In Denver?

    Are you wondering the best way to deal with a car settlement in Denver?   If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should receive the full compensation you deserve. However, various factors influence the duration of your car accident settlement process. Being aware of these factors can help you … Read more »

  • What Is Black’s Law Dictionary?

    Black’s Law Dictionary is popular in law school and in the practice of law. Law students and even practicing lawyers need a reliable legal dictionary that can help them understand what’s referred to as the ‘terms of art.’ The terms are a set or collection of often common phrases or words that’d carr … Read more »

  • Do you have the Legal Right to Disconnect?

    The ” legal right to disconnect” means that employees have a right to disengage from employment activities outside of their working hours. This can positively impact work-life balance as it creates more separation between working time and time off the clock.   Disengaging from work activities has be … Read more »