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  • Common Law New Brunswick

    Family Services Act Common-Law New Brunswick Canada Are you needing help with common law in New Brunswick? It would be better if Canadians knew that those in a common-law relationship have legal rights. In order to be legally married, you need to have gone through the formal marriage process. This m … Read more »

  • Demand Letter For Payment

    Writing The Letter It is not uncommon for any business to have to hire a law firm to send a demand letter for payment. However, a demand letter can be used for many areas of law. You can have a lawyer send a demand letter to see your child or to get child support (family law.) Further, you can have … Read more »

  • Commercial Lease Dispute Lawyer

    Commercial Leasing Lawyers Are you looking for a commercial lease dispute lawyer? If you are, chances are things have gone wrong. Many people don’t realize how serious a lease is. There is a reason that it is a 30-50 page document. We can connect you to a business law lawyer that can help you with t … Read more »

  • Employment Contract Ontario

    Employment Standards Act Are you looking for an employment agreement in Ontario? Maybe you are a business that is planning to hire your first employees. Or maybe things have gone wrong and you need a business lawyer to handle a lawsuit for you. Either way, we have experienced employment lawyers that … Read more »

  • RBC Canada Emergency Business Account Lawsuit

    Interest-Free Loan Are you stressed out about the RBC Canada Emergency Business Account program? We have received a number of phone calls from Canadians who are interested in suing banks like RBC. These are people that were rejected from the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program. Many of … Read more »