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  • An Update on the Alton Gas Saga

    Background Alton Gas has received Industrial Approval to construct a brining facility on unceded Mi’kmaq territory abutting the Shubenacadie River estuary. The Sipekne’katik First Nation, one of thirteen First Nations in Nova Scotia, asserts aboriginal rights as well as treaty rights over hunting an … Read more »

  • Projet de loi 21 – La laïcité de la magistrature, une question déjà tranchée?

    Le 4 juin, dans le cadre de l’étude détaillée du projet de loi 21, le député caquiste et ministre Simon Jolin-Barrette rend hommage à la première femme élue à l’Assemblée nationale du Québec, Mme Kirkland-Casgrain. Il y défend la Loi sur la laïcité de l’État qui, comme nous le rappelle Hélène David, … Read more »

  • SCC Excludes Evidence Obtained Through Unlawful Police Detention in R v Le

    This morning, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in R v Le,[1] an important victory in upholding limits on lawful police conduct and emphasizing the ways race changes perceptions of interactions with the police. In this case, police officers patrolling a Toronto neighbourhood noticed … Read more »

  • Toronto Police Have Been Secretly Using Facial Recognition Software for Surveillance

    The Toronto Police’s use of facial recognition software poses a significant threat to our civil liberty rights. The police have had access to facial recognition software since last March after they purchased the technology for approximately $452,000. The facial recognition software works by comparin … Read more »

  • Victory for Native American Hunting Rights

    On 20 May 2019, the US Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) released its decision in Herrera v. Wyoming, a landmark case for Indigenous tribes across the country. The Court held that treaty hunting rights are not impliedly extinguished upon a grant of statehood and may exist within national parks as well. In 20 … Read more »

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