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  • How to Have a Successful OCI Day

    Interviews are inevitably a little stressful…okay, maybe not a little, a lot! So, you’ve submitted your OCI applications and have heard back that you have an OCI. First off, congratulations! Second, no need to stress. This blog post will hopefully give you the tips and tricks to make your OCI day as … Read more »

  • Don’t Tell Me to Get a Real Job: A Camp Kid’s Path to Bay St.

    If you’ve worked at camp, you’ve heard it before: “isn’t it time to get a real job”? The first time this question was posed to me, I got defensive. But as time went on, I began to feel sorry for the person asking it because clearly the person had no idea what it’s like to work at camp. That person h … Read more »

  • Brunch, the most important meal of the weekend

    If you’re like me, you don’t live for the weekend… you live to eat on the weekend. And the best meal on weekends is brunch. It’s perfect; you get to sleep in and eat a dish that is over a thousand calories by justifying it as both your breakfast and lunch. Does it get any better than that? Here are … Read more »

  • Unique Law School Courses: Osgoode Edition

    Each summer, Osgoode upper-year students frantically go through some kind of cost-benefit analysis to determine which courses they will take in their 2L and 3L years. Well, we at CBB want to put that frantic search to bed with a list of a few must-take courses at Osgoode. Advanced Business Law Works … Read more »

  • First 2L Summer Student at Cassels Calgary

    When I started here I did not know what to expect – I am the first student Cassels Brock’s Calgary office had hired in the 2L recruit for a summer position. Being at a newer and growing office, I was not sure what types of files I would get to work on. Would there be a volleyball team like the Toron … Read more »