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  • Bow-Wave Liability

    Is a ship operator liable for his/her wake? The short answer to this question is yes. In Canada, there is no legislation that expressly provides that a vessel is responsible for its wake, however, provisions in the Collision Regulations requiring safe speed and lookout have been used to establish li … Read more »

  • Changes to the Pilotage Act Coming

    The Government of Canada is amending the Pilotage Act. Here’s a good summary by the Globe and Mail: … Read more »

  • An Update on OpenHydro

    The Federal Court has issued another decision resulting from the bankruptcy of OpenHydro – once a major player in Nova Scotia’s instream tidal industry.The decision dealt with a motion by one of OpenHydro’s creditors, RMI, to sell a vessel owned by OpenHydro (the Scotia Tide), which has been arreste … Read more »

  • Update on the MV Marathassa

    You’ll recall that in November, 2018 the British Columbia Provincial Court decided that the MV “Marathassa” was not guilty of charges under section 125(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), which prohibits the unauthorized disposal of a substance at sea (see my previous post here:  … Read more »

  • Still No Free-Market for NWT Fisherman

    The Northwest Territories is a strange place to be a commercial fisherman. The following example summarizes the absurdity – if you catch a fish you are prohibited from selling it to anyone outside of the NWT. Instead, you are required to either sell it to the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, a … Read more »

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