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  • How to Select the Best Translator for Your Immigration ApplicationMarch 6, 2018

    Essential tips and strategies with Monica De Maria of Giovanni Translation and Interpretation Do you need to get documents translated quickly for your immigration application? Are you struggling with who to choose and how to know if the person doing the translation is worth their salt? Tune in to th … Read more »

  • Navigating Canadian Ports of Entry – a Jekyll and Hyde ExperienceFebruary 24, 2018

    Why things are the way they are from Mark’s x-border officer perspective! Are you considering sending one of your clients to a Canadian port of entry to benefit from faster processing? STOP! Listen to this Episode before you even think about doing this. Yes… will get faster processing – however … Read more »

  • Strategies for Bringing Marijuana Professionals into CanadaJanuary 29, 2018

    Examining the best work permit options with Immigration Lawyer Betsy Kane At some point in July 2018, the recreational use of Marijuana will become legal in Canada….however, Prime Minister Trudeau has confirmed it WILL NOT be Canada Day (July 1, 2018). With the explosion of this new industry, there … Read more »

  • PNP Series – Manitoba Provincial Nominee ProgramDecember 22, 2017

    Overview of the proposed changes to the MPNP for 2018 with Alastair Clarke The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program recently announced some pretty sweeping changes to come into effect in 2018. As the pioneer of PNP programs across Canada, the Province of Manitoba has always been a trend setter in dev … Read more »

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot – The Best Program in Canada!December 18, 2017

    Everything you wanted to know about this best kept secret with Immigration Lawyer Janet Thompson-Price The Atlantic Immigration Pilot may just be the best immigration program in existence in Canada today. In this Episode, Canadian Immigration Lawyer Janet Thompson-Price shared some insight on the pr … Read more »