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  • Unjustly Dismissed? 5 Tips for Selecting an Employment LawyerSeptember 20, 2017

    Unjustly Dismissed? You will likely be under a lot of stress when seeking out legal services. Hiring a lawyer can be both time and cost intensive. Here are 5 tips to assist you in this process. The post Unjustly Dismissed? 5 Tips for Selecting an Employment Lawyer appeared first on Lecker & Associat … Read more »

  • Calculating your Notice and Severance PaySeptember 12, 2017

    You have just been let go by your employer. This is going to impact you financially and without doubt, you are in for a stressful period ahead. If they offered you Notice and Severance, it is time to take a very close look at the details. These payments represent a financial bridge until you are emp … Read more »

  • Employer’s Duty To Accommodate Illness & DisabilitySeptember 7, 2017

    The human condition is such that anyone can suffer an illness or become disabled at any time. It can occur suddenly or manifest itself over time. It can impact your life, your employment and in turn, your financial stability. That is why Ontario’s Human Rights Code offers employees some protection u … Read more »

  • Disability Benefits Cut Off?September 3, 2017

    if you are on Long Term Disability Benefits the most volatile period of your relationship with your insurer will happen at the two year mark. Some policies limit their coverage at this stage. And this is also when many insurance companies begin aggressive campaigns to force you back to work into any … Read more »

  • Social Media Rules for WorkplacesAugust 30, 2017

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. These are powerful social media tools. Their use has proliferated throughout the world giving voice to ordinary citizens. Our Constitution offers Freedom of Speech to all Canadians. However, when it comes to social media rules for workplaces, everyone should tak … Read more »