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  • Filing a Claim With The Labour Board

    If you believe your termination package is inadequate, you have two avenues to seek resolution. You can file a claim with the Ministry of Labour, commonly referred to as the Labour Board. Or you can hire an employment lawyer. The Labour Board process is free and you can easily file your papers on-li … Read more »

  • Be Wary When Signing Termination Clauses

    Bram Lecker discusses termination clauses with Advocate Daily. Employment law vacillates between employer and employee. Termination clauses are a real battleground right now. The post Be Wary When Signing Termination Clauses appeared first on Lecker & Associates. … Read more »

  • The Non Compete Clause and Employee Poaching

    Almost always, employers require a signed employment agreement as a condition of employment. If yours contains a non compete clause, seek legal advice before you sign, especially if you want to keep your options open about working for the competition. The post The Non Compete Clause and Employee Poa … Read more »

  • Independent Contractor or Employee?

    Your Classification As Independent Contractor or Employee Matters. It Could Be Making Your Employer Richer and You Poorer By Thousands Of Dollars, As Pizza Delivery Man, Juan Jose Lira Cervantes, Discovered. The post Independent Contractor or Employee? appeared first on Lecker & Associates. … Read more »

  • Bankruptcy Muddies the Waters for Employees Seeking Severance

    Bram Lecker discusses Bankruptcy And Severance with Advocate Daily | This article was authored by and originally appeared on Advocate Daily.  It is republished here with their permission. Employees could be substantially out of pocket if their employer goes bankrupt, says Toronto employment lawyer B … Read more »

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