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  • Tread carefully when offering unpaid summer internshipsJuly 20, 2018

    Employers who plan to use unpaid summer interns should tread carefully. Generally, anyone who is not self-employed and carries out work for another person, company or organization is considered an employee and entitled to the provisions of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (ESA), such as the minimu … Read more »

  • Sham Layoffs: Are You Leaving Money on The Table?July 13, 2018

    Recognizing the Signs of an Unlawful Layoff | Layoffs must meet very specific conditions outlined in the Employment Standards Act. Some employers cycle their employees through random sham layoffs, making work schedules and income so unpredictable that employees end up quitting in frustration. This i … Read more »

  • Age Discrimination: Cutting off Benefits at 65June 23, 2018

    If you intend to continue working past age 65, until recently, your employer could legally cut off your disability and life insurance benefits. A recent Human Rights ruling has made the matter a bit more difficult them. The post Age Discrimination: Cutting off Benefits at 65 appeared first on Lecker … Read more »

  • Getting Fired While PregnantJune 10, 2018

    Nothing can be more distressing to a woman than getting fired while pregnant. Pregnancy and parenting affect the productivity of our fast-paced and competitive workplaces, leaving pregnant women particularly sensitized to the subject of job security. And this is specifically why our employment laws … Read more »

  • Misclassifying Contract WorkersJune 3, 2018

    Ontario’s employment laws have been updated to uphold the rights of a workforce increasingly employed in the “gig economy”, with contract, part-time and temporary work. Today, employers must be clear about the status of their temps. As Dependent Contractors, they are not inferior to employees. Miscl … Read more »