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  • Pay Equity: Addressing the Gender Wage GapApril 7, 2018

    Pay Equity and the gender wage gap is a global problem. As we recognize Equal Pay Day in Ontario on April 10, 2018, employment lawyer, Bram Lecker, reviews Canadian legislation that try to bring women’s earnings closer to those of men. The post Pay Equity: Addressing the Gender Wage Gap appeared fir … Read more »

  • Part-Time WorkersMarch 31, 2018

    Equal Pay for Equal Work becomes law in April 2018. Part-time workers, temps and seasonal employees can now expect the same wages as their full-time counterparts if they perform virtually the same job. A part-time job status is not inferior and entitles you to equal benefits, pro-rated, that full-ti … Read more »

  • Successor Employers: Your Company has Changed HandsMarch 18, 2018

    What happens to your job when your company is sold? Can the new “Successor Employer” change the terms of your employment contract? The answer is unclear because of a recent controversial court decision. The post Successor Employers: Your Company has Changed Hands appeared first on Lecker & Associate … Read more »

  • Medical Marijuana and Workplace IntoxicationMarch 5, 2018

    Canadian physicians are prescribing marijuana with increasing frequency for pain, disability and chronic illness. Accordingly, with easier access, could workplaces encounter more cases of marijuana intoxication? Under our current laws, your employer can fire you for being intoxicated on duty. But th … Read more »

  • Employment Contracts: Ready, Aim, Fire at Will!February 22, 2018

    Canadians and Americans may be culturally similar on some levels. However, in the arena of employment law, we could not be further apart. This is a legal environment that would make the likes of Donald Trump contrite and speechless. U.S. style employment contracts generally will not pass the Canadia … Read more »