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  • The Legal Gap Between Temporary & Full-Time WorkersOctober 15, 2018

    Bram Lecker discussed the legal gap between part-time and full-time workers with Advocate Daily. “I think the aim of the legislation was to remedy some of the loopholes that employers have used to avoid recognizing the full rights of temporary workers.” The post The Legal Gap Between Temporary & Ful … Read more »

  • Duty of Honesty in Employment ContractsOctober 15, 2018

    Employment contracts are important documents that govern an employment relationship. Similarly, termination agreements set out your compensation terms when the relationship ends. Employers generally hold a lot of power when drafting them. However, employees can legally expect a duty of honesty and f … Read more »

  • Work Life BalanceSeptember 30, 2018

    Work life balance is the need to equalize the amount of time you spend at work and in your personal life. Legally, your employer has limits on how far they can encroach on your personal time and family commitments. The post Work Life Balance appeared first on Lecker & Associates. … Read more »

  • Bullying in the WorkplaceSeptember 10, 2018

    Bullying in the workplace is illegal. In spite of the law, reporting a bully can be a very scary step. You run the risk of retaliation if the bully is a senior or valued employee. Almost always, you will require legal assistance to navigate this minefield. The post Bullying in the Workplace appeared … Read more »

  • Summary Judgement | Fast Tracking Your Wrongful Dismissal LawsuitAugust 26, 2018

    The Summary Judgement is a cost effective court procedure that allows lawyers to fast track settlement of wrongful dismissal lawsuits. They level the playing field for employees by taking away the fear of long and drawn-out legal battles with employers, who might have deep pockets. The post Summary … Read more »