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  • Uber v Heller: Argument Roundup

    By Alyssa King, The Supreme Court heard argument in Uber v. Heller on November 6. The case pits the ride-sharing and food-delivery behemouth against an UberEats driver, David Heller who used its app to deliver food in Toronto. If Uber gets its way, Heller’s only option will be an individual Internat … Read more »

  • Friday News Finds – October 25, 2019

    By Danica Bennewies Happy Friday, CBLB readers! Welcome back to Friday Finds, the weekly series where we share five of the top corporate and securities law headlines that grabbed our attention over the week. While Canadians were pretty focused on the federal election this week, a lot happened on the … Read more »

  • Friday News Finds – October 18, 2019

    By Richard Neil Kennedy We missed you last week, but we are back with another round of Friday Finds on the CBLB! Some of the news stories dominating the headlines these past two weeks include developments in the class action against Barrick Gold, new investment tools offered by the British Columbia … Read more »

  • Friday News Finds – October 4, 2019

    By Danica Bennewies We made it to the end of another week, which means its time for another instalment of Friday Finds. In this weekly series on the CBLB we share five of the top corporate and securities law stories that dominated the headlines, as well as our conversations, over the past week. We h … Read more »

  • Just What the Doctor Ordered?: A Look at the Side Effects of Theratechnologies on Secondary Market Liability in Canada

    By Stéphane Rousseau, Dominique Payette and Christopher Trouvé. Originally published on the Canadian Bar Review. The recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Theratechnologies Inc. v 121851 Canada Inc. (“Thera”) goes to the heart of the debate on the place of the public and private enforcem … Read more »