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  • NAFTA: The fight to keep skilled labour flowingFebruary 7, 2018

    Since it came into effect in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement has helped countless employers in Canada, the United States and Mexico gain access to professional labour from all three countries. In Canada’s case, NAFTA lets businesses here hire skilled American and Mexican workers in mor … Read more »

  • 2018: A year of challenges — and opportunitiesJanuary 18, 2018

    These are days when you have to admit it feels good to be Canadian.  I don’t say this to boast – we’ve only recently emerged from our own challenging period of government. But having experienced that, and now watching what the United States is going through under the leadership of Donald Trump, the … Read more »

  • Building a new QuebecDecember 5, 2017

    In a speech this past summer, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard appealed to English speakers who had left the province to return, saying Quebec needed them. “We need you for a better future for all Quebecers,” he said. “This is the moment to come back and build Quebec, the new Quebec with us.” The s … Read more »

  • It pays to plan aheadNovember 1, 2017

    Today, Canada set an ambitious standard in its multi-year Immigration Levels Plan, but was it ambitious enough? During the question and answer session after Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen outlined the government’s plan to welcome nearly a million immigrants before the end of 2020, a journalist fr … Read more »

  • Dare we?October 4, 2017

    In a new book, titled ‘Maximum Canada’, author Doug Saunders accounts for how a ‘population deficit’ threatens Canada’s social programs, cities, and environment. Saunders argues that a goal of 100 million Canadians may be worth striving for, but we must start planning now to get it right. This goal … Read more »