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  • IRCC rule could leave 9-year-old refugee in the lurchAugust 8, 2018

    A mother from Sudan and her two teenage sons are facing possible removal from Canada at any time, after their requests for asylum were refused. What makes their case unique is the fact the woman’s nine-year-old daughter had her refugee claim approved because it’s feared she could face genital mutila … Read more »

  • Make Ontario Great Again? Not quiteJuly 4, 2018

    Doug Ford’s election at the start of June as the Premier of Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, has elicited numerous comparisons to Donald Trump — except when it comes to immigration. Like Trump, Ford inherited a fortune built by his father and yet successfully managed to portray himself as a … Read more »

  • Asylum seeker crisis? What crisis?May 25, 2018

    The way some politicians on the right of Canada’s political spectrum are talking these days, you’d think our immigration system is falling apart. The federal Conservatives want to declare Canada’s entire 8,800-kilometre border with the United States an official port of entry in order to stop the flo … Read more »

  • Canada’s DACA moment?April 18, 2018

    Imagine yourself in this situation: You’re a 35-year-old permanent resident of Canada who is married with two children. You have a good job and have lived a peaceful, law-abiding life since you moved to Canada with your parents when you were five. One day, it comes to light that your recently deceas … Read more »

  • There’s no room for this word in Quebec’s schoolsMarch 14, 2018

    There are moments living here in Quebec when you have to wonder if it’s really 2018 and not 1918. One such moment occurred at the end of February, when the parents of two 11-year old students complained about the use of the French word “nègre” in a classroom assignment. In English, “nègre” translate … Read more »