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  • A Call for Compassion and Clarity for COPRs

    With vaccine development and distribution ramping up in much of the world – including Canada – there are glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel that has been the coronavirus pandemic. And a long tunnel it has been, upending life as we once knew it with unprecedented and massive challenges that a … Read more »

  • Canadian Experience: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    You might think of immigration as a one-off, if, dramatic process, in which an individual leaves his or her country of origin and in a span of several hours, lands, as a permanent resident, in a different one. In this model, there is (hopefully) extensive preparation, but the actual immigration is a … Read more »

  • Family, Facts, and Finally, Flexibility

    Kitti Toris is a young woman who turned 18 a few days ago. Born in Hungary, she came to Canada in 2016 to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Viktoria and Laszlo Radi.   Kitti is estranged from her mother, and Viktoria and Laszlo Radi are Kitt’s legal guardians, in both Hungary and Canada. Howe … Read more »

  • 2020: The Year That Was, Perspectives and Prospects

    The end of 2020 quickly approaches. This year has been unlike any other. The coronavirus has upended the best-laid plans and brought with it unexpected and unprecedented challenge, upheaval, and suffering to Canadians and those wishing to become them. But the same circumstances have also brought out … Read more »

  • The Canadian Family is Expanding, Mixed-Orientation Unions Deserve a Seat at the Table

    New Canadians immigrate to Canada through a variety of immigration pathways. One of the most popular is conjugal sponsorship. Historically, sexual intimacy has been a key consideration in determining whether a couple is really a couple. But that framework appears to be changing, with dramatic result … Read more »