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  • Canadians band together after Tehran plane crash

    Fifty-seven Canadians lost their lives after an airplane was shot down outside of Tehran last week. It took the news a couple of days to refine the details of the Tehran plane crash. We now know it was two missiles that took down the Boeing 737 en route to Kyiv. All 176 passengers were killed. Canad … Read more »

  • A victory for common sense

    The story of Redwan and Shuruvi Mozumder stands as a good example of an originally unimpeachable immigration decision that later went off the rails.  The two teens first came to Canada with their parents in 2013 from Dhaka, Bangladesh, only to be abandoned by their father soon after arrival. Alone w … Read more »

  • Canadians pull together to help refugees living in limbo in Australia

    Efforts are afoot in Canada to sponsor 200 asylum seekers caught up in Australia’s controversial off-shore detention centres.   Located on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and the island nation of Nauru, the centres housed thousands of refugee claimants who tried to reach Australia by boat.  Faced w … Read more »

  • Canada should relax sponsorship rules for the Bahamas like it did for Haiti in 2010

    The first day of September saw Hurricane Dorian wreak devastation in The Bahamas. So far 50 people have been confirmed dead, 1,300 people are missing, and 70,000 are reported homeless. The damage is estimated at US $7 billion.  Canada has sent $500,000 to support the Canadian Red Cross in providing … Read more »

  • Admitted but Excluded – Trump Tightens Rules for Legal Immigrants

    On Monday, August 12, 2019, the Trump Administration, through the Department of Homeland Security, announced a major and highly controversial policy directive regarding immigration to the United States. The new regulation, “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” spans 837 pages. The Immigration a … Read more »