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  • Is Growth or Outsourcing the Best Option for Your Law Firm?

    I recently provided my comments in James Careless’ article “When to Expand Your Firm, When to Outsource” in CBA Practicelink magazine. I said that “growth is only something to be looking at if it’s going to achieve particular strategic goals such as increasing profitability”. I have found that many … Read more »

  • What the EY Acquisition of Riverview Law Really Means

    EY’s acquisition of Riverview Law has created a great stir in the legal industry. Legal pundits of all types have proclaimed their views on the subject. Here’s a couple of views on the subject and my own view: Mark Cohen of Legal Mosaic has stated that the deal shows that legal practice and legal se … Read more »

  • Fasken Adds Second British Columbia Base

    Fasken added a second office in British Columbia in February to strengthen its position in the legal market in Vancouver, BC. It acquired the boutique Surrey firm Roxwal in the process. Meghan Tribe of the The American Lawyer magazine interviewed me on Fasken’s move. Canadian Firm Fasken Bolts on Bo … Read more »

  • How Law Firms Should Respond to Disruption in the Legal Industry Today

    Some interesting ideas on how law firms should respond to significant disruptions affecting the legal industry today: Perspectives on the future of law — Colin Cameron (@colincameron) February 1, 2018 … Read more »

  • Law is a Buyers’ Market

    Another great interview by Jacky Wetzels of salesmoves, this time with Jordan Furlong on his new book “Law is a Buyers’ Market”. The interview covers some of the main topics contained in Jordan’s book, including: Future of Law Business Law Leadership Future Proof Law Business Skills 3 Steps for Succ … Read more »