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  • Yeah I said it. It's Grade School Obvious Conflict of Interest

    yeah, i said it In the opinion of this Calgary criminal lawyer, we need to question the intellectual quotient of some politicians.  To borrow a line from Chris Rock, “Yeah, I said it”.   How many neurons are firing in some heads? Furthermore, in my opinion we need to question the moral integrity of … Read more »

  • George Floyd: The Few Bad Apples Dodge

    THE FEW BAD APPLES DODGE Responding to claims of systemic racism within American policing, White House Security Advisor, Robert C. O’Brien said, “a few bad apples” are giving law enforcement a “terrible name”.   Predictably, the “bad apples” metaphor has once again been trotted-out as a way of expla … Read more »

  • May the fourth be with you: Stormtroopers Day in Lethbridge, Alberta

    May the fourth be with you Anybody who has watched Star Wars has heard the phrase, “may the force be with you”. George Lucas released his iconic science fiction masterpiece, Star Wars: A New Hope, in 1977. On May 4th, 1979 Margaret Thatcher became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Her Conser … Read more »

  • Contact-Tracing: A possible tool for the further Evisceration of Charter Rights

    THE ATROPHY OF CHARTER RIGHTS Will the coronavirus pandemic impact the future of our Constitutional protections?  I think the answer is likely “yes”.   A hard truth (in my opinion): The Charter protected interests of all Canadians have been consistently eroded following the Supreme Court’s decision … Read more »

  • Warning: Coronavirus Pandemic a Target Rich Environment for Fraudsters

    THEFT AND FRAUD This post is about our susceptibility to fraud in this time of crisis.  Much like theft, fraud involves illegally obtaining goods, services or money by false pretences. There is a close relationship between theft and fraud. According to the Criminal Code of Canada: Every one commits  … Read more »