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  • Taxing By Tickets in a Time of Crisis

    taxing by tickets I recently posted on the topic of potentially unethical and undemocratic opportunism by the Trudeau Government.  As I said, the coronavirus pandemic should not be used as a tool for the opportunistic.  Since writing that article, I discovered a recent story published by the Calgary … Read more »

  • Attempted Power Grab: The true face of Justin Trudeau

    ATTEMPTED POWER GRAB In the view of this Alberta criminal lawyer, the coronavirus pandemic should not be used as a tool for the opportunistic.  It appears that the Trudeau Government tried to use the distraction caused by COVID-19  to grant itself a majority government for the purpose of managing Ca … Read more »

  • Arming for the Corona-Zombie Apocalypse: The NRA, the Second Amendment and Advice from Ginger Billy

    corona-zombie apocalypse This short post is about the right to bear arms vs. the right to buy arms. Also, for any Corona-Zombie preparers who think it is necessary to physically attend their local  gun store for the purpose of loading up on guns and ammo, I have included some YouTube advice from Gin … Read more »

  • Exercising Freedom Responsibly in a Time of Crisis

    responsible freedom To have freedom means that we exercise it responsibly. This post is about the Coronavirus pandemic, the Emergencies Act, freedom and our responsibility as Canadians to act as custodians of our own civil liberties.  “We have all seen the pictures online of people who seem to think … Read more »

  • Support Canadians: Social Distancing and Buying Local

    social distancing This post is about the need to support Alberta and Canada. This post is about social distancing and the need to buy local. As defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, “social distancing” is “the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance from other people or avoid … Read more »