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  • LawNow Vol. 44-1 Sept/Oct 2019

    Volume 44-1  Sept/Oct 2019 Table of Contents Feature Articles: Back to School Special Report: Canada as a Bilingual Country Departments Columns September marks the beginning of another school year. This issue looks at current legal topics impacting Alberta parents, students, teachers, and beyond. Th … Read more »

  • Educational Design & Evaluation Specialist

    Educational Design & Evaluation Specialist – View Full Posting The position This is full-time, Edmonton based position, reporting to the Executive Director. Duties include: planning, designing and analyzing our public legal education and information resources; directing needs assessments and environ … Read more »

  • LawNow Vol. 43-6 July/August 2019

    Volume 43-6  July/Aug 2019 Table of Contents Feature Articles: Health Law Special Report: Freedom of Speech Departments Columns           Emerging technologies and societal concerns create new challenges for healthcare. This issue highlights some current health law topics. Feature Articles: Health L … Read more »

  • LawNow Vol. 43-5 May/June 2019

    Volume 43-5 May/June 2019 Table of Contents Featured Articles: How We Make Our Laws Special Report: Employment Law Departments Columns       Crafting new laws is a complex and lengthy undertaking. This issue of LawNow looks at how it happens. Featured Articles: How We Make Our Laws The Legislative P … Read more »

  • LawNow Vol. 43-4 Mar/Apr 2019

    Volume 43-4  Mar/April 2019 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Protecting Privacy Special Report: Immigration Law Departments Columns       Canadians worry a lot about protecting their privacy.  This issue of LawNow examines some of these concerns. Featured Articles: Protecting Privacy Privacy and … Read more »