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  • Powers of Attorney

    This week’s article is a request from a managing broker in Prince George on Powers of Attorney.   Due to fraud concerns, the use of a Powers of Attorney in purchases of homes can be quite limited. For example, most institutional lenders now will NOT permit a mortgage to be obtained by way of a power … Read more »

  • Speculation Tax Update

    As Speculation Tax notices are starting to sink in I am getting lots and lots of inquires as to how Realtors should be handling this tax and advising their clients. First and foremost, Licensee should be: Directing their clients to the government website: General Info: … Read more »

  • Peter’s Weekly – A Realtor’s Ethics Matter

    With Remembrance Day long weekend behind us, Black Friday and Christmas are firmly ahead. Like all married men, I struggle at this time of year sky rockets trying to find the perfect gift for my wife… any great ideas?   In the News Don’t Lie to your Regulator – A realtor in Vancouver was suspended w … Read more »

  • Before you List…

    Contact Your Bank– find out how much you will owe the bank to discharge your mortgage. Some important questions for your banker include: How much do I currently owe? Is there a payout penalty, if so, how much? Are there other fees (ie; a discharge fee) which is also payable? Do you owe more than you … Read more »

  • Strata Documents and Minutes

    Is strata right for me? This is a personal question and each strata is different. When you are buying into a strata you are buying into a community and you should carefully read through the Form B package, the rules, minutes, and bylaws to ensure that who your are matches the “personality” of the co … Read more »