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  • Working with a Real Estate Lawyer

    Teaching legal update across the province, I often notice regional differences in how real estate transactions are done. A couple of the questions I am often asked is “do I really need to have a subject condition for legal advice in every transaction? Or… what is the difference between a lawyer and … Read more »

  • Welcome to the B.C. Real Estate Blog

    This blog will attempt to be a valuable resource for Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers of real estate in the Province of British Columbia. The post Welcome to the B.C. Real Estate Blog appeared first on BC Real Estate Law. … Read more »

  • Property Transfer Tax – Related Induvidual Exemption

    One of the limited exemptions to paying property transfer tax occurs where the Seller is related to the Buyer. However, for this exemption to apply, the Seller and Buyer must be “vertically related” and the property must be a principal residence. So, consider the situation where husband is on title … Read more »

  • Property Transfer Tax

    For most out of province buyers, finding out about Property Transfer Tax often comes as an unpleasant shock. Property Transfer Tax is charged on every transfer of freehold title in the Province of British Columbia as is calculated as 1% of the first $200k and 2% of the remainder of the Purchase Pric … Read more »

  • Powers of Attorney

    This week’s article is a request from a managing broker in Prince George on Powers of Attorney. Due to fraud concerns, the use of a Powers of Attorney in purchases of homes can be quite limited. For example, most institutional lenders now will NOT permit a mortgage to be obtained by way of a power o … Read more »