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  • Court of Appeal dismisses City's appeal of trip and fall verdict

    In reasons for judgment released today, a division of the BC Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought by the City of Salmon Arm in respect of trip and fall which occurred on a city sidewalk.  In Binette v. Salmon Arm (City), 2018 BCCA 150, the court upheld the verdict of the trial judge finding t … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal awards ICBC costs thrown away where impending trial adjourned

    In reasons for judgment released today, the BC Court of Appeal overturned the order of a Master denying the defendant costs thrown away in circumstances where the plaintiff was successful in obtaining an adjournment of an impending  trial.  In Bolin v. Lylick, 2018 BCCA 127 the Court of Appeal confi … Read more »

  • Plaintiff awarded $755,000 in slip and fall at Superstore

    In reasons for judgment released today in Harrison v. Loblaws, Inc. (Real Canadian Superstore), 2018 BCSC 575, the court awarded the plaintiff approximately $755,000 in damages stating:[19]         The totality of the evidence is clear: Ms. Harrison slipped on a large pool of liquid laundry detergen … Read more »

  • Court of Appeal Summarizes law on causation in negligence

    In reasons for judgment released last week, the B.C. Court of Appeal in British Columbia v. Canadian Forest Products Ltd., 2018 BCCA 124 summarized the law on causation negligence, saying:[135]     To summarize, the following principles emerge from the Supreme Court of Canada’s jurisprudence on caus … Read more »

  • Court dismisses ICBC fraud claim

    In reasons for judgment released last week, the court in Insurance Corporation of British Columbia v. Mehat, 2017 BCSC 1476, dismissed an action brought by ICBC alleging fraud against a husband and wife who were involved in a single-vehicle accident.  ICBC’s case was that the husband and wife had li … Read more »