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  • Saving an Emergency Fund

    Saving an emergency fund will enable you to handle expected expenses such as a job loss that might lead to financial ruin. Saving an emergency fund by following these tips: 1. Set a specific goal such as to save enough to cover 4 to 7 months’ worth of expenses. You don’t have to replace your […] The … Read more »

  • Why Maintaining a Good Credit Score is Important

    Having a good credit score means you can borrow at favourable rates. However, it goes deeper than that. If you do not have a good credit score you will not be able to get a credit card. You need a credit card, in order to rent a car, even if you are going to pay […] The post Why Maintaining a Good C … Read more »

  • Communicating With Your Creditors and Collection Agencies

    It happens that people at times get behind in paying their debts. This is often just temporary. For example, a person can lose a job but then in about a month get a new job at the same or better salary. Creditors are quick to follow up when debts are not paid on time. They […] The post Communicating … Read more »

  • Does Vacation Pay Count towards Surplus Income Calculations?

    This article from Bankruptcy Canada’s Licensed Insolvency Trustee will answer the question “Does Vacation Pay Count towards Surplus Income Calculations?” Part of your duties when you file bankruptcy is to report your income on an Income and Expense Statement each month and send that form to the trus … Read more »