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Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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  • Bill 17 – Proposed Changes to Alberta’s Employment Standards CodeMay 25, 2017

    On May 24, 2017, the Government of Alberta tendered and passed first reading of Bill 17: Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act (the “Bill”). The Bill proposes a number of significant amendments to Alberta’s Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code. This blog post provides a summary of t … Read more »

  • Incentive Plans In Alberta Can Still Limit Entitlements to “Actively Employed” EmployeesJanuary 11, 2017

    The recent Queen’s Bench decision Styles v. AIMC was widely discussed given that it found an employee was entitled to LTIP awards vesting after termination despite clear contractual language requiring the employee to be “actively employed” on the LTIP payout date.  The Trial Judge found that dismiss … Read more »

  • The Ontario Court Of Appeal Thinks That Fraud Still Constitutes Just CauseOctober 11, 2016

    Reversing a lower court decision, in Fernandes v. Peel Educational & Tutorial Services Limited (“Fernandes”), the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that a school had just cause to fire a teacher who had “committed acts of misconduct, including the creation of false marks and inaccurate grades and then l … Read more »

  • Doing Business in Canada: Read the latest updates to our popular guideSeptember 23, 2016

    McCarthy Tétrault’s Doing Business in Canada provides a user-friendly overview of central aspects of the Canadian political and legal systems that are most likely to affect new and established business in Canada. The newest edition reflects legislative changes including: Changes to the Competition A … Read more »

  • I Take it Back: Retracting a ResignationAugust 25, 2016

    What should you do if an employee asks to rescind his or her resignation? If you really love that employee, you say “Great! Welcome back.” But if this isn’t your favourite employee, you may have an obligation to undo the resignation anyway.  In order to decide whether or not to allow them to withdra … Read more »