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  • Put Your House in Order (Part II) – Keep Your Records Straight

     by Jennifer DavisOften the steps taken prior to litigation commencing, or even disputes arising, can assist in mitigating potential damages. Preservation, contemporaneous recording, and organization of records is not only important during the litigation process but is an integral part of any strate … Read more »

  • To Draft or Not to Draft? The Dangers of Verbal Contracts

     by Broynn RosserVerbal contracts are generally just as valid as written contracts. However, practically speaking, verbal contracts can be hard to enforce and unnecessarily complicate disputes between parties. Verbal contracts in the construction industry can be even more problematic given that cons … Read more »

  • Put Your House in Order – Pitfalls of Inadequate Privacy Policies

    by Jennifer DavisPrivacy concerns are often overlooked when considering an organization’s risks and liabilities. Internal policies and mechanisms, if not structured properly, can leave an organization open and vulnerable to breaches ranging from inadvertent disclosure of information to cyber-attacks … Read more »

  • Lien Entitlement: An “Overall Project” Perspective

     by Graham HendersonA recent decision of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench provides a reminder that supplying work and materials to a project does not necessarily result in builders’ lien rights. When assessing lien rights, the Court will consider contextual information, including details about the … Read more »

  • Pending Registration Lien Frustration

     by Corbin DevlinA new land titles registration process is causing grief for all those involved with builders’ liens.Effective April 1, 2021 the process for all land titles registrations in Alberta underwent significant changes as part of Provincial government efforts at Red Tape Reduction. Section … Read more »