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  • Trends in Prompt Payment Legislation

    By Richard Wong and Corbin DevlinThere is a trend across Canada in establishing regimes to provide prompt payment to contractors and subcontractors for construction work performed and a regime to resolve disputes over the non-payment of that construction work. Recently, Bill C-97, Budget Implementat … Read more »

  • Contract Strategy

    By Corbin Devlin  Selecting the right construction contract model for a particular project can be the difference between harmony and discord among project participants, and the difference between the financial success and failure of the project. Too often, we see litigation arise because of differen … Read more »

  • The Path to an Appeal of an Arbitration Award May Not Be So Straightforward

    By Sarah Levine and Corbin Devlin It is a relatively straight forward and well understood concept that at the outset of parties entering into a contract for services, they may choose to have any dispute that arises to be dealt with by alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), such as an arbitration pr … Read more »

  • Red Flags That Your Lien Rights May Be Worthless

    By Corbin DevlinIn some circumstances, builders’ lien rights are worthless. Contractors are well advised to look out for these circumstances before entering a contract, and seek alternate security for payment if necessary.Public highway projects – Public highways are exempt from liens pursuant to th … Read more »

  • Municipal Reserve Lands – Validity of Lien Disputed Post-Payment of Security

    By Richard Wong and Corbin DevlinHave you wondered whether you can dispute the validity of a lien after alternate security has been paid into Court?  The Court of Queen’s Bench recently confirmed that municipal and/or school reserve lands are not lienable. The liens at issue were determined to be in … Read more »