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  • Resigning from your job? What you need to know!July 12, 2018

    In this Episode of #ASKHERMIE In this episode of #AskHermie, we discuss resignations and whether employees are legally required to provide notice to their employers when they want to resign? We also answer whether an employer can sue a resigning employee who fails to give notice?   #ASKHERMIE Ask He … Read more »

  • How To Calculate Your Vacation Time And PayJuly 5, 2018

    This blog post is the second in our series about vacation. In our last article, we dispelled 7 common misconceptions about vacation. In this article, we discuss how vacation time and pay are calculated. As mentioned in the last blog post, under Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, vacation is made up … Read more »

  • Do You Know These 7 Myths About Vacation?June 28, 2018

    Summer is finally here! If you are like most workers, you have planned to take vacation during the summer months of June, July and/or August. According to Gallup, July is the most popular month for vacation followed by August and June. Many common myths persist about vacation and what employees and … Read more »

  • The Independent Contractor: Everything You Need to KnowJune 14, 2018

    The gig economy is in full swing and many individuals provide services to organizations as a ‘freelancer’ or ‘independent contractor.’ However, in some situations, these individuals may actually be employees as far as employment laws are concerned. In this article we shed some much needed light on i … Read more »

  • Time Off Work to Vote – Top 5 Things You Need to KnowJune 7, 2018

    My fellow Ontarians [said in my most ‘politician’ of voices…], today we exercise our democratic right. It’s voting day! Most polling stations will open between 9:00am to 9:00pm. For some, finding time to vote presents a challenge in a packed work day. Many people do not know that they may be eligibl … Read more »