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  • A pedestrian might be around every corner

    It took COVID girth growth to push me to a regular walking commute for the very first time in the 13 years I’ve lived walking distance from my office. Yes, I should be ashamed. Much of the 18 minute walk is a narrow, twisty road called McDougall. There’s no paved shoulder or sidewalk. For much of it … Read more »

  • Improving doggy manners is the polite thing to do

    Improved doggy manners would keep us safer. With bonus points for a more comfortable outdoors experience. I have proposed that our grossly outdated laws be updated to shift dog attack losses from the victim to the owner. But what about preventing dog attacks from occurring in the first place. It’s d … Read more »

  • Another off leash dog attack

    Another off leash dog has attacked, this time seriously injuring a smaller dog. The attack occurred May 4, 2020, on a trail on Conkle Mountain in Summerland. The large dog reportedly clamped onto the backside of a Havanese named Salsa and shook her back and forth like a rag doll. Our outdated laws w … Read more »

  • The outdated law for holding dog owners accountable

    “One might think it reasonable that pet owners should simply be responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by their pets.” That common sense notion was expressed by the Honourable Judge Ted Gouge in Carr v. Johnston, 2016 BCPC 181 before he started reviewing our outdated laws. The unl … Read more »

  • Who’s responsible for a dog attack?

    Regional animal control officer Wayne Belleville was quoted as saying: “I think it would be anyone’s worst nightmare; a dog ripping your face apart.” A 76 year old Osoyoos woman had been knocked down and mauled. Injuries to her face were so severe she had to be airlifted to Vancouver for surgery. Th … Read more »