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  • Hands-free or hand-held, there’s no difference.

    Canada’s first impaired driving law, passed in 1921, was called “driving while intoxicated”. There was no messing around with the cause of intoxication. What if our government had done that, though. What if they had prohibited only beer induced intoxication. And that intoxication form other substanc … Read more »

  • Can you be criminally charged for protecting your possessions?

    Will you ever catch a thief red-handed, or prowling through your home?  Unlikely. But if you do get “lucky” enough to catch a thief in the act, do the Criminal Code provisions under headings of “Defence of Person” and “Defence of Property” allow you to open up a can of whoop-ass? No. They don’t. The … Read more »

  • Citizens arrest; can it be used to excuse assaulting a would-be thief?

    The concerned father I wrote about last week was unable to use “citizen’s arrest” to excuse his minimal assault (grabbing the arm) of his daughter’s tormenter. I am going to explain why. And whether it can be used to excuse assaulting a would-be thief checking vehicle door handles in residential dri … Read more »

  • What the law says about protecting our homes, possessions and loved ones

    Brazen thieves rifle through our vehicles, steal parcels off our porches and “shop” through our back yards. And three weeks ago a thief had the audacity to wander through a Glenmore home in the wee hours of the morning, fleeing when he was discovered. The police have nothing to go on unless you can … Read more »

  • Lying under oath

    Is lying really an important milestone in childhood development?  If so, we come by it honestly! It’s certainly common among adults, ranging from little white ones up to real doozers. It is difficult to catch someone in a lie. And consequences are usually minimal. Our justice system relies on the ho … Read more »