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Court Discusses “Aggregate Effects” Of Joining Multiple Fast Track Cases

BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog

Helpful reasons for judgement were released recently by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Regisry, discussing how matters such as trial length, the quantum cap and discovery timelines are aggregated when multiple fast track cases are joined. In the recent case (De Jesus v. Doe) the Plaintiff was involved in two collisions and sued for damages. […]... more »

CRTC Chair Blais Calls Out Telcos For Double-Talk on Internet Fibre Investment

Michael Geist

CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais participated in a fascinating question-and-answer session at MIT this week in which he bluntly spoke out on a wide range of topics including cultural issues, copyright, and Internet policy.  I'll have a future post on his culture comments (his copyright remarks noted t... more »

PIPEDA: présentation au Comité permanent de l’accès à l’information, de la protection des renseignements personnels et de l’éthique

Vincent Gautrais

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous la version longue de la présentation faite cet après-midi devant le comité très « masculin » à la Chambre des communes en charge d’évaluer les possibles modifications à opérer auprès de la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents... more »

Privacy and the use of census information for population health research

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

Professor Teresa Scassa has a very interesting comment on her blog about a recent case from the Federal Court of Canada, O’Grady v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 FC 167. Her comment is here: Recent Federal Court Decision Examines Privacy and the Census. The case itself is a judicial review of a... more »