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Law Commission of Ontario Issue Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Library Boy

The Law Commission of Ontario has published an issue paper on Regulating AI: Critical Issues and Choices.The document proposes a comprehensive framework to ensure governments using AI and automated decision-making (ADM) systems protect human rights, ensure due process and promote public participation.From the executive summary: "The context for this analysis is the extraordinary growth in the use... more »

Notice to the Profession and Public Regarding Court Proceedings – April 20, 2021 UPDATE

AvoidAClaim: Claims Prevention & Practice Management for Lawyers

April 20, 2021 update In view of the strengthened stay-at-home order and the critical situation with the pandemic, over the next several weeks until May 7, to reduce the number of court staff, counsel or parties required to leave their homes to participate in court proceedings, the Court will defer... more »

Gamification + protection des personnes vulnérables, Gamification + protection des personnes vulnérables, Zoom(21 avril 2021)

Vincent Gautrais

Depuis plusieurs années, la ludification connait un franc succès. Ce concept, aussi assimilé au concept de gamification, traduit une tendance à «vouloir exploiter des ressorts ludiques afin de motiver les individus à s’engager de manière extrinsèque» (Bonenfant, Philippette, 2018, p. 1)... more »

Case Comment: Estate Recovers Assets Misappropriated by Power of Attorney

BC Estate Litigation Blog

Clients often contact us following the death of a family member, when they are surprised to discover how little is left in the deceased’s estate. While a capable independent adult is entitled to deplete their estate during their lifetime as they see fit, there may be concerns with elderly, incapab... more »

Personal Injury Myths & Misconceptions: “If I Start a Lawsuit, My Insurer Will Start Doing Surveillance on Me”

Van Dyke Law

In today’s post about personal injury myths and misconceptions, we’re talking about surveillance. Sometimes we hear clients say that they’re afraid that if they start a lawsuit, the insurance company will start doing surveillance on them. Is that true? Fact: Insurance companies use... more »

LAND OWNER TRANSPARENCY ACT – A New Beneficial Ownership Registry

Waterstone Law Group LLP

In September 2018, B.C.’s Minister of Finance appointed the Expert Panel on Money Laundering to review money laundering in B.C.’s real estate market. Billions of dollars were laundered through B.C.’s real estate market in 2018. This was achieved, in part, by a landowner’s ability to hide the... more »

10 Ways Canada’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act Will Impact Privacy Practices

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

We just posted this on the McInnes Cooper client information site: 10 Ways Canada’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act Will Impact Privacy Practices November 19, 2020 By Sarah Anderson Dykema, CIPP/C, Lawyer at McInnes Cooper, David Fraser, Privacy Lawyer | Partner at McInnes Cooper On November 1... more »