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Cross Country Conversation on Affordable Legal Services


After Rex Murphy attended the Canadian Bar Association (CBA)’s conference this past August, he must have returned with quite an impression of the pending crisis in the legal profession. Murphy hosted a keynote at the conference, but was also exposed to the CBA’s Futures Initiative, which released its final report that weekend. Murphy hosted a nation-wide conversation this afternoon on... more »

Updated WIPO Study on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives

Library Boy

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has updated a 2008 study of copyright exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives from 186 countries:"This report offers a significant update and expansion of the 2008 study. First, the combined 2008 and 2014 studies offer analysis of the... more »

R v Wilis: “A Close Call” and Appellate Review of Unreasonable Jury Verdicts

The Court

Six days after hearing the appeal of R v Wilis, 2014 ONCA 178 [Wilis, ONCA], Justice Rothstein delivered the one paragraph decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in R v Wilis, 2014 SCC 73 [Wilis, SCC]. Reproduced in full, it reads: The majority of the Court is of the view that the appeal should... more »

Newfoundland Supreme Court considers privacy class action, clears first hurdle to certification

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador this week considerd the first part of a bifurcated application to certify a class action in Hynes v. Western Regional Integrated Health Authority, 2014 NLTD(G) 137. The cases arose from inappropriate browsing of personal health records by an employe of... more »

Hull on Estates #396 – Appropriate communications between counsel and experts

Toronto Estate Law Blog

Listen to Hull on Estates #396 – Appropriate communications between counsel and experts Today on Hull on Estates, Jonathon Kappy and Doreen So discuss the Position Paper of the Advocates Society as interveners to the appeal of Moore v. Getahun, in relation to what is appropriate communications... more »

“Use of Vacation Time Does Not Represent Lost Income” in ICBC Claim

BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog

Reasons for judgement were released today by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, holding that used vacation time following an injury is not compensable as lost income in a personal injury lawsuit. In today’s case (McCartney v. McArthur) the Plaintiff missed a week of work due to collisio... more »

Canadian Intellectual Property Office posts proposed amendments to Trade-marks Regulations

Canadian Trademark Blog

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has today posted proposed amendments to the Trade-marks Regulations at  The consultation period for these proposed amendments is from October 1 to November 30, 2014.   As quoted in CIPO’s press release: “The proposed regulator... more »