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Introduction, Forum transatlantique sur les droits et libertés , C-3061, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, 3150 Jean-Brillant (Montréal) (25 mai 2017)

Vincent Gautrais

Jeudi 25 mai 16h – Accueil et mots de bienvenue Robin Médard, coordonnateur du pôle Canada de l’Institut des Amériques Vincent Gautrais, directeur du CRDP et Pr à l’Université de Montréal 16h15 – Les institutions de protection des droits de la personne Modération : Marc-Andre... more »

Can Cancon Compete?: A Response to the WGC on The Future of Canadian TV Production

Michael Geist

My post this week on the recent CRTC's television licensing decision elicited a strongly worded response yesterday from the Writers Guild of Canada. My original post made two key points. First, responding to Kate Taylor's assertion that CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais has offered no consistent strategy... more »

Representing Yourself and Asking for Legal Costs? Read this First

FamilyLLB – Ontario Divorce & Family Law Blog

Representing Yourself and Asking for Legal Costs? Read this First Recently I wrote about a ruling on costs where a self-represented litigant was awarded significantly more in legal costs, than she had requested after trial. That case, called McMurter v. McMurter, gave the court an opportunity to re... more »

Driver 25% At Fault For Being Rear Ended Due to “Sudden Stop”

BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog

Reasons for judgement were released today by the BC Supreme Court, New Westminster Registry, assessing a motorist 25% at fault for a crash despite being rear-ended. In today’s case (Gibson v. Matthies) the Plaintiff was operating a motorcycle travelling behind the Defendant.  The Defendant br... more »