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UofT Professor Kent Roach on Canadian Counter-Terrorism Law


Well-known University of Toronto law professor Kent Roach has reacted to this week’s two terrorist attacks in St-Jean and Ottawa with a post about The Canadian Terrorist Attacks and Canadian Counter-Terrorism Law on the US-based Just Security website. Roach’s text examines some of the existing powers in the Criminal Code that can be used against suspected terrorists, and discusses the... more »

Intellectual Property – Why it’s Fashionable to Consider when Estate Planning.

Toronto Estate Law Blog

Much to the sadness of many celebrities, socialites, fashionistas and even politicians, world renowned fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta, passed away on Monday, October 20, 2014, from complications with cancer.  Mr. de la Renta was 82 and had been intermittently ill with cancer for close to eight... more »

“Short Fuse” Formal Settlement Offer Triggers Double Costs

BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog

Reasons for judgment were released today by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, addressing whether a formal settlement offer open for only 3 days could trigger costs consequences. In today’s case (Henry v. Bennett) the Plaintiff was involved in a 2008 collision and sued for damages.  Th... more »

SCC issues civil production decision stressing discretion and proportionality

All About Information

Today, a majority of the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed an order that directed the Competition Bureau and the federal Department of Public Prosecutions to produce, for civil discovery purposes, recordings of more than 220,000 private communications that they had obtained pursuant to Criminal Code... more »