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Brief Conflict Intervention: a free resource for Alberta parenting disputes

Family Law Blog | Crossroads Law Calgary & Vancouver

By Calgary Family Lawyer Matthew Wirove The Alberta Courts have established a number of resources that parties going through a separation or divorce can engage in to assist in avoiding litigation and resolve disputes. We discussed the Early Intervention Program in a previous blog. Another resource w... more »

The AUC Invites Submissions on the Self-Supply Provisions of Alberta’s Electricity Legislation

By: Nigel Bankes PDF Version: The AUC Invites Submissions on the Self-Supply Provisions of Alberta’s Electricity Legislation Matter Commented On: Consultation on the issue of power plant self-supply and export, AUC Bulletin 2019-16, September 13, 2019 The Electric Utilities Act, SA … Co... more »

Update: Upcoming Changes to the Construction Act

AvoidAClaim: Claims Prevention & Practice Management for Lawyers

In the year since its enactment, Ontario’s new Construction Act has already made a noted impact on the practice of construction law in the province. The amendments to the previous Construction Lien Act (“CLA”) were to be implemented in two phases: Phase 1, the modernization provisions, effecti... more »

Densification de la responsabilité des usagers d’IA, Transparence et responsabilité algorithmique : approches et défis, UQAM, pavillon Paul-Guérin-Lajoie (1205, rue Saint-Denis), salle N-8510(11 septembre 2019)

Vincent Gautrais

Conférence organisée par le professeur Sébastien GAMBS (UQAM – sciences informatiques). Densification de la responsabilite en IA by gautrais on Scribd... more »

Another privacy class action dismissed due to lack of compensable damages

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

Privacy class actions seem to be having a bit of a rough time as of late. “The need to change a password at a higher frequency cannot give rise to a serious compensable loss claim.” Following a trend that has become reasonably well established in Québec and is expanding across Canada, the pro... more »

A Declarant needs to provide Clear and Current Disclosure Information to Purchasers

Condo Development Blog

In Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 2051 v Georgian Clairlea Inc. (“Georgian”) the Ontario Court of Appeal affirmed the findings of the motion judge with respect to a declarant’s disclosure obligations as set out in the Condominium Act, 1998 (“Act”). … Continue reading &#... more »