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2ième conférence jeunes chercheurs, Enjeux de l'intelligence artificielle, Université Laval, 550, Rue Sherbrooke O. Tour Est, 3ème étage MONTRÉAL, QC H3A 1B9(24 mai 2019)

Vincent Gautrais

 Panel 1 – IA & Enjeux de sécurité Président de panel : Professeur Olivier Delas   Titre : « Marchés boursiers et intelligence artificielle : comment penser la réglementation financière de demain ? »  Xavier Boulet – Doctorant en droit, Université d’Ottawa   Titre ... more »

Is a Stay-At-Home Parent Entitled to Legal Costs If They Successfully Self-Represent?

FamilyLLB – Ontario Divorce & Family Law Blog

Is a Stay-At-Home Parent Entitled to Legal Costs If They Successfully Self-Represent? If you are a successful self-represented litigant entitled to be awarded your legal costs, does it matter what you do for living? Do stay-at-home-parents have a higher threshold to meet? This was the question in a... more »

Precedent-setting ruling nets client $331,000 from ex-spouse

Family Law Blog | Crossroads Law Calgary & Vancouver

A client of Calgary and Vancouver family lawyer Marcus Sixta has recouped more than $300,000 from his estranged spouse following a precedent-setting ruling from the Supreme Court of British Columbia.The spouse had siphoned hundreds of thousands of dollars from a family business during their ma... more »

The Foundation of Canada’s Digital Charter: Privacy Law Reform Focused on a Data-Driven Economy

Michael Geist

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced plans last week for a new Canadian digital charter featuring penalties for social media companies that fail to combat online extremism. While the just-released proposed charter does indeed envision increased regulation of the tech sector, my Globe and Mail op-... more »

Equipement purchase scam using the name Marvin Albright

AvoidAClaim: Claims Prevention & Practice Management for Lawyers

Two U.S. lawyers have notified us that they received an email from the purported Marvin Albright looking to retain them with regards to making a large commercial purchase. This appears to be a bad cheque scam (with a real company likely being impersonated) that presents as legal matter requiring the... more »

Steel Safeguards: CITT Announces a Product Exclusion Process for Stainless Steel Wire and Heavy Plate

Woods, LaFortune LLP

On May 16, 2019, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) announced that it was initiating a Product Exclusion Review to determine whether any imports of stainless steel wire or heavy plate should be excluded from safeguard measures imposed on imports of these products. Although the CITT wil... more »

Presentation: What’s new in cross-border digital evidence gathering for criminal investigations?

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

I was invited to present at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association's first annual Canadian Cyber Summit. I spoke about recent issues and trends in cross-border criminal investigations originating in Canada, starting with the current state of affairs and the Mutual Legal Assistance Tre... more »

A Declarant needs to provide Clear and Current Disclosure Information to Purchasers

Condo Development Blog

In Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation No. 2051 v Georgian Clairlea Inc. (“Georgian”) the Ontario Court of Appeal affirmed the findings of the motion judge with respect to a declarant’s disclosure obligations as set out in the Condominium Act, 1998 (“Act”). … Continue reading &#... more »