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“Customer Safety” Based Incident Report Ordered Disclosed as Non Privileged

BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog

Reasons for judgement were released today by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, ordering a Defendant in a personal injury lawsuit to disclose an incident report created following the incident at question. In today’s case (Smith v. Air Canada) the Plaintiff “was in her seat when a... more »

CIPO’s acceptable wares and services entries: added to TMClass, made Trilateral friendly

Canadian Trademark Blog

CIPO has announced two interesting changes regarding its Wares and Services Manual. TMClass First, CIPO-approved entries have now been added to TMClass, a multi-jurisdictional database of acceptable goods and services claims maintained by  Europe’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Mar... more »

Review of IPC exclusion decisions now (officially) subject to reasonableness review

All About Information

A friend just brought a notable FIPPA judicial review from February 24th to my attention. In it, the Divisional Court affirmed an IPC order to disclose the full names of FRO employees in response to a request for personal information. The IPC held that the employment-related records exclusion in F... more »

Ontario court to hear telcos' challenge of police request for "tower dumps" including info on 40,000+ customers

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

An Ontario court has agreed to hear a Charter challenge brought by Rogers and Telus in response to a police request for "tower dumps" with records on over 40,000 calls or customers. The police subsequently withdrew its request, but the judge has agreed to hear the case in any event, given the import... more »